Special Education / Inclusion

Special Education / Inclusion

Special Education in the UAE is defined as educational programs and practices designed for students with disabilities or Gifted and Talented students, whose mental ability, physical ability, emotional functioning, etc. requires special teaching approaches, equipment, or instruction within or outside of a regular classroom.

The term inclusion is used to refer to the education of students with special needs in a regular classroom with their same-age peers who do not have learning difficulties.

At Sunshine we promote education equity for all students by providing the following:

Special Education Counseling

We assist individuals with disabilities across the life span with special education requirements, who display a broad range of developmental delays or disabilities, diagnosed physical, sensory intellectual, emotional, social and communication disabilities.

Educational Assessments

At Sunshine we apply techniques such as screening, prevention, referral, academic assessment, intervention and evaluation. We also address factors such as gender, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, cultural and linguistic diversity. We use a variety of instructional assessments.

Individual Education Program (IEP)

We develop and implement the Individual Education Program in conjunction with other educational specialist and parents. We also monitor and modify plans as well as provides intervention strategies as required. We use best international practice.

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About Us

Sunshine Learning Difficulties Center is the first special education service business in Dubai licensed under Community Development Authority (CDA). The CDA Social Care Professional, Marcheta G. Hightower, M.Ed., is from the USA and is experienced with over 25 years teaching and community experience for people with special education needs.

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