Take the guesswork out of creating IEPs with CLASS the educator’s solution for skills gap analysis
It’s a challenge to ensure a high level of accuracy, quality and consistency in IEP creation. CLASS provides unprecedented drill down into student skills gap analysis to drive through objectives for IEPs. IEPs based on CLASS assessments proven to lead improved student performance.

Quality and Consistency Across the Entire School

CLASS isn’t just software. It’s a process that ensures a common approach to IEP development and consistent plans. CLASS’ unique Sequence of Learner Objectives contains not only test skills but provides the task analysis that identifies not simply that a test item was missed, but why it was missed. CLASS then goes a step further than typical testing programs to provide task analysis recommendations to build a stronger IEP.

CLASS is the only assessment tool designed specifically to build an IEP

“The CLASS IEP Program has been a cornerstone of our Special Education department for more than 20 years. It gives the Administration peace of mind to know that all of our staff is creating appropriate IEPs”.


In addition to K-12 IEPs, CLASS provides assessments for all types of IEPs including:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Adaptive Social Skills
  • Early Childhood (ECH)
  • Life SkillsCLASS Brochure


Create Assessments
Customize and administer assessments in all areas in which you write IEPs


Save Time & Stress
Student test data automatically feeds into the IEP builder, which makes creating state-aligned, data-driven IEPs faster and easier.


Stay Compliant
Our exclusive Correlation Tool draws a direct path from the student’s present performance levels to the aligned grade-level academic content standards.




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