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Individual Educational Program (IEP)

We develop and implement the Individual Education Program in conjunction with other educational specialist and parents. We also monitor and modify plans as well as provides intervention strategies as required.

Monitor Student Attainment and Progress

Teachers use a range of formative and summative assessments to monitor student learning, identify point of need and comply with curriculum standards. Teaching teams establish processes such as using assessment maps, moderation and protocols to enable greater consistency of their judgements on student learning.

Curriculum Accommodation and Modification for SEND students

Need to be individualized for students, based upon their needs and their personal learning styles and interests. This is intended to help teachers and others find information that can guide them in making appropriate changes in the classroom based on what their students need.

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Special Education Needs Advisement & Counseling

We assist individuals with disabilities across the life span with special education requirements, who display a broad range of developmental delays or disabilities, diagnosed physical, sensory intellectual, emotional, social and communication disabilities.

Services are provided by a Multidisciplinary team of Licensed Professionals

to provide the most comprehensive care possible, at the right place and time for each patient. Highlighting some of the values that underlie an effective multidisciplinary team include: effective communication and coordination.

Educational Assesments:
Math | English | Reading | Science

At Sunshine we apply techniques such as screening, prevention, referral, academic assessment, intervention and evaluation. We also address factors such as gender, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, cultural and linguistic diversity. We use a variety of instructional assessments.


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Transition Programs

Activities that prepare students with disabilities to move from school to post-school life. The activities are based on the student’s needs, preferences, and interests.

KHDA Rating Inspection Preparation for SEND

Prepare the SEND department for annual DSIB inspection

SEND School Policy Reviews/ Designs

Refers to a learning difficulty that requires special educational provision which includes status, purpose & consultation – list of groups, individuals and documents consulted.

Identification and Referral Services for SEND

Assists students of Determination in finding the right school that will accept the students and meet their education need.

Related Service Provider Integration

Means transportation and such developmental, corrective, and other supportive services as are required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education, and includes speech-language pathology and audiology services, interpreting services, psychological & physical services

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Classroom Inclusion Techniques

Refer to any number of teaching approaches that address the needs of students with a variety of backgrounds, learning modalities, and abilities. These strategies contribute to an overall inclusive learning environment in which students feel equally valued.

Differentiation of Lesson Plans

A well designed differentiated lesson will include some of the following: A strong visual component, collaborative activities, peer coaching, a multi-sensory approach to presenting information and differentiated assessment based on strengths.

Gifted & Talented

persons between the ages of four and twenty-one whose abilities, talents, and potential for accomplishment are so exceptional or developmentally advanced that they require special provisions to meet their educational programing needs. Children under five who are gifted may also be provided with early childhood special educational services.

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Assistant Teacher and Teacher Training for SEND

Enables to work in collaboration with classroom teachers so that students of determination are successfully included in the classroom environment alongside their peers. Supports the classroom teacher in the developmemt of a stimulating and productive learning environment.

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Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP)

Alteration of the classroom or learning environment to minimize or eliminate problem behaviors. These are the strategies to encourage appropriate behaviors that replace problem behaviors.

Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)

A process for identifying problem behaviors and developing interventions to improve or eliminate those behaviors. It consists of information-gathering procedures that result in a hypothesis about the functions that the behavior is serving for the student.

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